Aerial Personal Rapid Transit™ can be the best, most profitable, greenest solution for traffic congestion.  It will allow non-stop, point to point autonomous public transit in vehicles that move quickly, smoothly and quietly along an elevated guideway.  Powered by the sun, it is the most sustainable transit system ever created. 

BeachTran will provide true Mobility on Demand™. 

Why:  To fulfill the necessity of reducing traffic congestion in urban areas with a profitable, private-sector owned and operated, 21st century mode of transit which, unlike autonomous vehicles, does not add more cars (or buses) to our roads.

How:  An elevated guideway network  in which a fleet of two or four passenger, fully automated (driverless) vehicles, propelled by an almost silent, patented MagLev motor that stops only at the conveniently located station selected by the passenger. 

What:  It's a disruptive new concept.  Aerial Personal Rapid Transit™ by BeachTran Clearwater, LLC is a free-enterprise solution which leverages the development of elevated rights-of-way for non-stop transit, operating without fixed schedules or the need for transfers.  It operates only upon demand using our proprietary app to digitally generate reservations and accept payment.

Immediate:  A 2.8 mile Pilot Project from Clearwater to Clearwater Beach with an estimated cost of $45M.

Our Goals:  To generate investor returns by capturing at least 5% (and up to 30%) of the automobile traffic that travels over Clearwater Memorial Causeway to and from Clearwater Beach and then extend our guideway from Clearwater Beach to Morton Plant Hospital, both Tampa International Airport and Clearwater St. Petersburg International Airport and Raymond James Stadium before the Super Bowl in February, 2021.

For current investment availability, please contact BeachTran Clearwater.